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Come Join Our Team! 


Referral Bonus Program

Recommend us to a friend and get $10!

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We are truly thankful when our customers recommend us to their friends and family!   

Now is your chance to get $10 every time you do us a kind turn!


We will pay you $10 for any New Customer that pays for any of our cleaning services from your recommendation!**


Recommend us to a friend! 

When they hire us for one of our cleaning services, you get paid!  It's easy! 

Just make sure they mention your name to us when they make the appointment You can also email us and let us know whom you referred and for what service and we will do our best to keep track of their appointment and make sure you get your referral bonus!   

Send your emails to  

Terms and conditions do apply**


Recommend us to a friend and get $10!


**The terms and conditions of this program are listed below:

 1. "New customer" is defined as a person that has never used any of our services before and/or lives at an address that we have never performed service at before.  This is to be solely determined by the company. 2. To be eligible to receive the $10 bonus, the customer that was referred by you must pay the full amount due to the company for services rendered. And you must not have an outstanding balance of money owed to the company. 3. You must leave the company a 5-Star recommendation on one of our social media pages.  If you have ever placed a review of less than 5-stars for a Valley's Best Cleaners service, that review must be removed or changed to be a positive recommendation for service.   4. This promotion ends on the earlier of these two dates; December 31st, 2019 or when the company has paid in excess of $500 in referral bonuses.

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