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We also have commercial cleaning and house cleaning teams if you want more than just disinfection cleaning! 

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Disinfection Services in Phoenix, AZ

We combine hospital-grade disinfectants with advanced electrostatic spray technology to provide complete disinfection coverage.  This comprehensive, advanced disinfection service is specifically for the elimination of bacteria and viruses, like COVID-19.     


How does the Electrostatic Disinfection Service work?

The safety of your employees and your customers is our top priority

Who else relies on Electrostatic Disinfection Technology to protect their business?

And many more companies making the switch every day! 

The biggest and most respected companies in the country use electrostatic disinfection technology to protect their employees and their clients!

Is Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying better than other disinfection service alternatives?  

YES!  Electrostatic spraying provides 360-degree coverage! 

Our disinfectant is pet, plant, and food-safe.  Most jobs take less than an hour and provide significantly better disinfection coverage than all other forms of disinfection!   

Electrostatic disinfection spraying is more comprehensive and provides significantly better coverage than traditional spray and wipe methods or fogging methods

Is Electrostatic Disinfection right for your business? 

  • Covid-19 Elimination and Prevention

  • Daycares, office buildings, restaurants, hair salons, gyms, and entertainment venues are examples of facilites that can benefit from our hospital-grade disinfectant service! 

The only thing better than our service are our prices!  

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