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4 Reasons To Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

You deserve a beautiful and healthy home. That all starts by having clean carpets!

There are many reasons you might be considering getting the carpet in your home professionally cleaned. According to, here are the top four reasons carpet cleaning is so important for your home.

1. Improve the smell of your carpet and your home. There are so many reasons the carpet in your home might start to have a bad odor. And unfortunately, because you are in the home all the time, sometimes that odor is not easy for you to smell. But it is there. And when guests arrive for the first time into your home, they will definitely smell it. Think of all the things that fall on the carpet, are tracked onto the carpet, or are put there by pets, children, and guests. You must get your carpet professionally steam cleaned if you want to ensure your carpet smells good to all that enter.

2. Improve your health and the health of everyone that lives in the home by preventing the spread of allergens and bacteria. According to, household carpet is "the perfect breeding ground for allergens and bacteria, and they can expose you and your family to dangerous pollutants. Especially if you have young children or pets, or if someone in the home has allergies, regular carpet cleaning is essential." Professional carpet cleaning by the right provider is the best way to eliminate the allergens and bacteria that are growing in your carpet right now.

3. It will help you save money! Getting new carpet installed in your home is expensive. It is almost always a much better value to invest in regular steam cleaning to keep your carpets in good condition instead of having to spend thousands on replacing carpet down the road. In addition to regular carpet cleaning, if you have small rips or tears or issues with carpet buckling/bunching will also save money by hiring a company that can perform carpet repairs as soon as you notice the problem, instead of waiting until it is too late and you have to buy all new carpet.

4. Keep your house looking beautiful. According to, " A home and/or office simply cannot look clean if the carpets in it are not actually clean. Vacuuming regularly is a great way to remove dirt and debris that ends up in the carpet. However, a regular deep clean is also needed to get some tougher stains out. You’ll appreciate the look and feel of the carpets much more and you will be happy to show off your place to guests/visitors."

If you want to have your carpet cleaned for any of these reasons, call Valley's Best Cleaners today! Valley's Best Cleaners specializes in carpet cleaning and repair. Our technicians are experienced, professional, insured, friendly, and focused on customer satisfaction. Our proven carpet cleaning process includes a pre-clean treatment, a rinse deodorizer, and steam cleaning from our powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning machine. And everything we use is non-toxic and safe for pets and children!

In addition to carpet cleaning, Valley's Best Cleaners offers tile and grout cleaning, rug and upholstery cleaning, air duct and dryer vent cleaning, and complete house cleaning services. Please contact us today for a free quote: 602-699-4822

For your convenience, we are BBB Accredited with an A+ rating. We have won the Angie's List Super Service Award, the Thumbtack Top Pro award, and we have hundreds of 5-Star reviews from customers that love the way we clean.

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