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Carpet & Upholstery Stain Protection in Phoenix, AZ

Our Stain Protection Treatment will

  • Act like a shield

  • Block Stains

  • Repel Liquids

  • Resists soils

Protect Your Carpet and Upholstery From Accidents

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The Stain Protector is your best defense when unexpected accidents happen and one of the most important things you can do for your carpets & upholstery.


The Stain Guard Protector acts as a shield between the spills and the actual carpet fiber.



Adding stain protection is your best investment for guarding your carpet and upholstery against accidents. 

Even if your carpet and upholstery originally featured stain resistance features at the time of purchase, daily use of your carpet and upholstery (including vacuuming and cleanings) cause the molecules in stain-resistant formulas to break down and diminish.

Carpet and fabric stain protection restores your stain resistance to a level that exceeds your original factory protection.  Our protectant application will fortify the carpet and fabric, which increases its ability to resist soiling and staining. 


This will help you maintain the beauty of your carpet & upholstery by refreshing the stain resistance.

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How does the Stain Protector work?

  • The Stain Protector Coats the outside of the fibers, making it hard for particles to stick to them.

  • The Protector blocks the minute cracks or pores in the fibers with stain blockers. This prevents absorption of liquids and soils into the fiber itself.

Because the coating is liquid repellent, it makes it easier to remove oil and water based spills.


Solid particles can’t stick to the fibers either which makes them easier to vacuum out.

This means they don’t remain in the carpet to act as an abrasive or work their way into the fibers themselves. 

Will adding Stain Protector make my carpets or upholstery completely stain resistant?

The short answer to this is no!  None of these carpet stain protection treatments give 100% protection from staining. 

The carpet and upholstery will still stain if there are spills on them. But at least buy you some time and a chance of removal should there be an accident.  And it will make cleaning stains much easier.

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