Deep Cleaning Checklists

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  • Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning 

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Customize Your Deep Cleaning Checklist 

We have a comprehensive 27-Point Deep Cleaning Checklist! 


Let us know if you want us to add or remove any cleaning task. 


We will always try to accommodate your requests to personalize your deep cleaning service visit

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Deep Cleaning Checklist


  • Counter Tops

  • Stove Top

  • Appliance Exteriors

  • Microwave Interior

  • Sink & Faucets

  • Interior Cabinets​

  • Exterior Cabinets

  • Inside Fridge & Oven


  • Shower & Tubs

  • Toilets

  • Vanity Exterior

  • Sink & Faucets

  • Spot Clean Cabinets

  • Mirrors / Glass

All Rooms

  • Dusting of fans & blinds

  • Dust Window Ledges

  • Dust Furniture

  • Dust baseboards

  • Windex Interior Window

  • Empty Trash

  • Sweep, Vacuum, Mop

  • Spot cleaning doors/walls



  • Dust Furniture

  • Vacuum Floors

  • Vacuum Under Bed (reachable)

  • Mirrors

  • Ceiling fans


Need a deeper cleaning? 

Need to add a few things to our cleaning checklist? 


Let us know what cleaning task you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate.    

Deep Cleaning Checklist Options

We will customize your service to work around your needs and your budget.


In some homes, these tasks can be time-consuming.  But we are happy to add them to our checklist if you would like them done. 


If you want us to perform any of these cleaning options, just let us know and we can add it to the checklist for your visit!  

Wet Wipe or Scrubbing of Baseboards 

  • We can dust the baseboards, wipe them down, or scrub them.  It's totally up to you!  Scrubbing all the baseboards is very labor-intensive and will take a lot longer than dusting the baseboards.  Also, let us know if you want all the baseboards cleaned or just in a certain room.  Or just spot cleaned.  It is totally up to you!

Wet Wipe of Blinds 

  • We can dust the blinds, or wipe them down.  It's totally up to you! In some homes, wet wiping of all the blinds can be labor-intensive and will take a lot longer than dusting. It is totally up to you!

Laundry Service 

  • We can do your laundry, we just need you to supply whatever kind of detergent you would like us to use.  And let us know how many loads.  

-Cleaning of walls or doors 

-Something missing from this list?  Just let us know what cleaning task you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate.